Who We Are

The Group was established in 1996 to offer an above average service on a continuous basis to consumers and specifically its own clients. We were the first Vodashop Cellular store in the Western Cape in 1996. 

Today our group has 13 Stores in the Western Cape, 4 Stores in Southern Cape and 3 Stores in Port Elizabeth.

The cellular telephone technology is on the leading edge of technological innovation worldwide. This technological innovation can only be implemented successfully if supported by an outstanding service network. The Group have a stable client base and this is increasing by the day. The Group has a wide range of competitive products and service the entire spectrum of cellular requirements. The Group will continue to grow with the industry and go the extra mile for our clients.

Our Strategy

Do more to improve customer experience.
Put the power of the internet in more people’s hands.
Operate more efficiently.

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In our continual quest for excellent customer service – your feedback is highly appreciated.

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