What We Do

Our products and services keep you connected in whatever way you choose. Whether through a phone call, SMS, email, instant messaging service or social media, we are there to make it possible.

Our core services are voice, messaging and data, which are all available on either contract or prepaid. Contract gives you the convenience of paying for services after you’ve used them via monthly debit order, whereas prepaid lets you control how much you spend upfront without being locked into a contract. Our ultra-low-cost handsets (‘ULCHs’) make it affordable for everyone to get connected.

Contracts & Prepaid

  • The widest range of the latest cellphones
  • Wide variety of data offerings
  • Conversion from Prepaid to Contract
  • Upgrades
  • Sim Swaps and Transfers
  • Talking Points – rewards program for our Prepaid customers.

Device Troubleshooting

  • International roaming
  • Installation of 3G/HSDPA, 4G & LTE
  • Setup of mobile handsets, cellular services and applications on devices.
  • Set-up of laptops, tablets, routers
  • Mobile Device Troubleshooting
  • Back-up of all devices

& Insurance

  • 2 Year warranty on all Vodacom handsets (except Apple limited 1 Year Warranty)
  • Insurance on all contract and prepaid phones and modems (covering theft, physical damage, liquid damage and if phone is beyond economical repair)
Let us help you get more connected with the world!